Inventory Management- The SelluSeller Way

SelluSeller- a reliable eCommerce Inventory/Stock Management Software, offers you a single inventory view, that gets updated in real-time across all the channels you sell on. Whenever a sale is made on one channel, the inventory gets updated on all other channels instantly.

This eliminates any possibility of error such as overselling/ underselling and helps you save a lot of time in your online selling business.

Additionally, you can also download sophisticated inventory reports that help you maintain sufficient stock levels on all your channels.

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Never Oversell/Undersell

With your inventory getting updated in real-time, you do not need to worry about overselling/underselling ever again.

Save Time & Efforts

No need to open multiple seller centres & update your inventory manually across sales channels. Bulk update your inventory across channels at once with SelluSeller.

Replenish Stock in Advance

Get notified about your inventory in advance, so that you can keep your stock updated at all times & never miss a chance to sell.

Be Ready for All Sale Situations

Optimize and better manage your inventory with customised reports that provide clear insights on your inventory’s behaviour.


Worried about getting penalized from marketplaces?

Learn how SelluSeller can help you manage all your orders at one place so that you can process orders quickly and comply with marketplace SLAs.


Order & Shipping Management

Never miss any order again


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