Eight basic techniques to promote your products

Eight Effective Ways to Promote Your Products on eCommerce Platforms

These actions to promote your products via Korea’s eCommerce platforms, can help you either create a brand or position your image, to increase the volume of sales. To do so, there is a minimum of eight basic formulas that we will further discuss in this article.

Eight basic techniques to promote your products

Before we read some details about these techniques, we must know that to increase the benefits we will have to analyze the competitive conditions in the online Korean market and the costs that these formulas will entail. Once we are clear about the monetary input we can start working on these effective techniques to promote your products online.

#1 Vouchers Discount

To promote your products, sending voucher discounts may seem to have the same effect as a direct discount, but the truth is that it calls for consumption. Create an opportunity, raise an exclusivity and give to your customers in a certain period of time. This method is more useful when you want to create an urgency, for example during the Chinese New Year Celebrations or Thaipusam Festivals.

#2 Delivery of Samples

Certain products, such as cosmetics or home cleaning products, can be promoted by delivering samples to be enjoyed by the consumer at home. Usually, they accompany advertising, but it may be a good idea to offer them through your online stores so that as a seller you can create a rapport with your potential customers in and around Korea, and increase sales simultaneously. They can also be delivered before the sale of another related product, in order to trigger future purchases.

#3 Customized Packages

A product can be sold together with another complementary product or another similar product during a promotional period, in order to promote its sale. This way the perceived value of the products is increased and the discount, decreases the customer’s expenditure as well. The benefit of these actions to promote your products, derives from positioning new products or low demand, in addition to prolonging the use of a specific product, which can eventually lead to brand loyalty.

#4 Loyalty Programs

Valuing the recurrence of commercial transactions with certain clients, loyalty can be rewarded through exclusive promotions, offering the most interesting products or giving away others of lower demand, which could attract future income. In addition, other benefits and gifts can be created according to the nature of the product.

#5 Contests

You may not be aware of the fact, that Koreans love participating in contests. Creating interesting contests encourages the participation of users to obtain prizes, which can create brand equity if properly oriented. Ultimately this will help you promote your products and increase the sales, by building a curiosity about your brand among your customers.

#6 Tests and Timely Deliveries

Delivering a product has not been rewarding or creates a security situation, increases the possibility of return. Hence we must pay attention to what product we have or what we offer, to avoid such troubles. However, It is also essential to keep good order control and predict all possible scenarios. Make sure you check your inventories on a regular basis so that you never run out of stock.

#7 Moneyback Guarantee

Another more reliable and extended formula is to offer the guarantee of refund, if the product is not convincing to the customer or does not maintain quality standards mentioned in product description. Another formula is to offer a partial discount on the total price before sending a proof of purchase.

#8 Extra Guarantees

An increased the guarantee period also provides a positive image of the brand and increases the buyer’s confidence in the product. This benefits both parties, by clearing certain doubts and facilitating sales.

As we see there are many options to create opportunity, confidence, and value for your products in and around Korea, using promotional tools support commercial work and position the brand. So, they should be seen as opportunities and not as simple measures to stay safe from a stormy weather.

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