What is the difference between B2C & B2B Fulfillment?

What is the difference between B2C & B2B Fulfillment?

Primarily, fulfillment operations are divided into two major services – B2C fulfillment operations and B2B fulfillment operations. As a fulfillment warehousing service provider, it would be great if you plan about which one of the services would benefit you the most according to expectations and upgrade accordingly. Or, whether you entail being well equipped to cater services to both of the sector mentioned above.

To meet customer expectations and to make effective investment decisions, it is necessary to understand the difference between B2C fulfillment operations and B2B fulfillment operations in detail.

B2C Fulfillment Operations

B2C fulfillment operations are customer oriented. It means that a product is shipped to an end customer after an online purchase. The success of a B2C fulfillment service depends on the volume of the individual customer orders. The order value is low consisting of simple products with fewer details, instructions, best suitable price and least expectation in the bifurcation of the components. Therefore, we can conclude that the buying decision entirely depends on personal preference.

B2C fulfillment operations are generally one-time purchase orders without any long-term relationship as each time the customer has a purchase idea in mind, the product and the resources changes.

The price, offers and discounts (excluding the quantity and segment-based promotion) are constant for every buyer. The payment process is simple and streamlined and generally, appear before checking out. The customer gets the entire details and final pricing including/excluding delivery charges.

Hence, B2C fulfillment involves individual orders in a smaller quantity with speed and accurate delivery and highly professional customer satisfaction.

B2B Fulfillment Operations

B2B fulfillment operations deal business unlike B2C fulfillment, B2B eCommerce services involve extensive customers that are lesser in the number who make highly customized and regular bulk purchases. Business clients focus on product description, detailed information in a technical context and every minute attribute in each component module.

B2B fulfillment operations aim at accurate delivery rather than speed. Rather than a set price structure for all the customers as in B2C fulfillment, B2B fulfillment involves personalized quotes and contracts. It highly depends on how large the business customer is ready to place the order for.

As compared to a simplified payment procedure in the B2C fulfillment operation, B2B fulfillment operation involves flexible payment options like partial payments and credit notes. Individual purchasing authority seldom happens in B2B sales as payment procurement necessitates longer and intricate purchase cycle leading to planning according to business requirements. This makes the approval process lengthier and uncompromising.

Hence, the focus of B2B fulfillment operation is to ship items to business that requires a bulk amount of goods. Customer satisfaction and their loyalty in B2B sales depend on how efficient the task of shipping is carried forward.

B2C and B2B Fulfillment Operation Management

Fulfillment centers in Australia need to be highly dynamic and technologically well-equipped to be able to serve properly. In a highly organized digital sector, you need to reform your warehouses by integrating technologies that are going to ameliorate the workflow to make you the maximum profit while saving time and money. Amalgamation of software that can manage the workflow of the B2C fulfillment as well as the B2B fulfillment service like eCommerce warehouse management system (eWMS) can be of great help. They are systematically designed to handle the warehouse and inventory management including order picking, processing, shipping, tracking and handling returns.

Moreover, there might be manual errors and more workforce indulgence which however can be restraint by a skilled usage of the software. Overall, proper B2B and B2C fulfillment management software yield results more accurately.

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