Some useful ways on how to structure your warehouse facility.

How Should I Structure my Warehouse?

A structured warehouse design comprehensively includes space optimization techniques followed by a specialized platform such as an eCommerce Warehouse Management System (eWMS) for streamlining all the warehouse operations.

Here are some points that encompass the traits of ideal warehouse management for the best operational efficiency and revenue.

1. Keep your warehouse clean and clutter free

A clean warehouse makes the chores easily done. To find something in a cluttered warehouse where things are messy increases the stress levels of the staff which directly affects the productivity of the company. But, when everything is arranged according to labels (products, name, SKU, colour, size, date) and directions (yellow, red, green lines), finding things becomes easier. Adopt a nice tool and sequence the orders according to the charts. It impacts a lot on the potential revenue. The work is done efficiently when a warehouse is movable and products are handy. It makes tracking, picking, packing and dispatching very easy and less time-consuming.

2. Organize according to the high selling products/services

Use the reporting feature to identify the maximum selling products/services from your eCommerce store. Organize the warehouse accordingly and save a lot of extra labor time and effort. Beyond this point, the staff will have stress free workplace. Understand what the major characters that are influencing the sales of those particular products and make a well-informed choice to organize the warehouse according to the purchases of those high-sellers are. This is going to save you a lot of time, money, staff loyalty, and let you sell more.

3. Optimize Warehouse Processes Such as Picking, Packing, Dispatch, etc.

In order to get the right product in the right place and right time, you need to be very strict while optimizing the warehouse. The optimization process will make you the strong threshold between the business and the customer. Once the products arrive at the receiving bay, the staff ought to thoroughly check for the invoice details, right quantity, damage in transit and the wrong products. Once they are appropriately shelved, its time to show a considerate amount of picking skills. If the wrong product is picked and dispatched, it creates a bad impression on the customer thus losing both money and customers. To make the picking easier, label the shelves or units alphabetically identifiable. Consider locating the packing area near the shipping bay.

To avoid nuisance, mark all the orders according to the addresses while packing. Quite often there are orders from the same location. This will help in saving much time in shipping as well. Reputed shipment providers like FedEx ensure a proper and exact delivery time. Multiple people are required to do this hectic job which means an equal amount of time and money is needed. Automation will be a lot easier when a well optimized eWMS platform is used. It reduces the chances of manual errors and thus creates an efficient process throughout the warehouse system.

4. Get an eWMS Platform

The process of managing a warehouse requires a lot of effort, time and money. As mentioned earlier, eCommerce warehouse management system or eWMS platform should be introduced to your warehouse to upgrade and automate the process. This helps you save much time which you can otherwise implement is generating revenue. An eWMS software has many features and benefits that will significantly increase the speed at which your warehouse has the ability to receive and ship orders.

A standard eWMS has many features such as Inventory Inbound Processing, Put Away and Storage Management, eCommerce Order Management, Last Mile Delivery, Dispatch, Inbound Picking, Packing and Quality Checking Apps, Marketplace Integration, Integrated Customer Support and many more.

You can even hire experts to spend a good time in educating the staff & let the eWMS to bring efficiency to their work and reduce manual errors. You can spend your time in customer acquisition while the eWMS does the rest of the work for you.

5. Improve the workhouse organization

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to keep the warehouse clean and clutter free. To improve the warehouse organization, follow the method of tracking, customizing, reducing and training. Track the products in each step from receiving to shipping. Customize your warehouse according to the industry-specific requirements. Reduce the size of the messy area and replace the process of warehouse workflow in sync. To understand better, sequence your warehouse departments by the receiving are followed by the picking, packing and shipping area. This helps to save a lot of time. Train your staff according to their expertise in their particular fields. Ensure to imbibe the necessity of an organized warehouse. A proper workhouse decorum should be maintained to ensure maximum output from the warehousing team.

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