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How to Describe a Product in Your Web-Store?

Why make a good technical description of the product?

Excellent product description will give you two things mainly: First of all it will help you in getting linked to more related searches. Also it will help you in fetching the data of the non buyers and help you improve your sale in Korea.

How to describe a product?

Making a technical description of the product is not as easy as it seems, you have to spend the time to perform a small analysis and evaluate what the content that you should highlight in our description.

Below we show you the five ideal tricks to create the most efficient product description.

1. Work your commercial tone in the writing

This step is essential as it brings out the tone and helps in expressing the product through writing. We must first put ourselves in the mind of the customer and ask what do we want when we buy? How do we want to be treated when we land on a product online?

After answering these questions, we must become the perfect seller playing with the resources that we will present throughout the post in Korea region. We advise you not to exceed the commercial tone, also neither be too effusive nor too passive, try to find the point of balance.

2. Highlight the benefits

You always have to thrive for a self explanatory product through the showcasing and as well as the description. Think very well about what your audience is and highlight those benefits that add value to your product. For example, a dietetics store that sells exceptionally healthy food products must use words likehealthy,naturalorlow caloriemore thandeliciousorgourmet.

Perform a keyword analysis that includes the words highlighting the benefits of our products and as well as Korea region. We should select the long tail keywords such as natural energy bar low calorie following the previous example.

3. Include a datasheet

Try to get all the specific data that technically describes your product. Add details about materials, colour, weight, lengths, and everything that can be interesting. To make it more visual, we advise you to include it in the form of a table.

4. Do not get too many things under one roof

Our writing should not be exaggerated. It is good that when it comes to naming some benefits or highlighting the virtues of our products we use superlatives that encourage the purchase but we must be consistent with the text and limit the use to what is strictly necessary. Remember that if you have the best product, you do not need to flatter yourself continually.

5. Make it visible

Once you have created a description that includes all the previous elements, set the text in such a way that it is pleasing to the eye. Highlight the points worth mentioning, including tables for some technical data, everything that can facilitate the consumer to find what they are looking for exactly and without giving rise to doubts.

Remember that the primary objective is to make everything clear about the product.


All these points are approximations, and you must select from specific portions that best fits your business in Korea. If you still have the same old version of descriptions, give them a spin on this post!

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